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thanks for visiting my blog!
i'm interested in your #4 - i'm debating whether or not to go into nursing - (been doing accouting for 12 years) i would still have to take prereq courses before i actually start the program...


aww! you are so cute! I'm grey too... but I figure I'll go natural by the time I'm 40 or so. Cause I do love grey haired ladies that wear with it flair... but I think I'm to young now too! LOL!


Thanks Shannon! This was kinda fun to be tagged. I love that you have a license for Ham Radio. I'm about to do that also since I'm a disaster preparedness person for my neighborhood. Thank you for sharing and for including me. I'm new too so here's to our expanding circles!


I really enjoyed reading over your list. My husband has a ham radio license too although he doesn't use it much these days. I can flare my nostrils but I can only raise one of my eyebrows :) I'll try to pull together a list soon.

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