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Stealth crafting! I love it.


I'm impressed. Hopping out of bed to craft. That's dedication.

Jenn : )

Oh I love a quick, successful craft project! Congrats on the clean cutting table : )

Junie Moon

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who hops out of bed because I suddenly have the urgent need to make something while it was fresh in my mind. It looks great and I'm sure he'll enjoy it. The Raggedy Andy doll is indeed adorable--what a clever mom you have.

Rachel Reeves

Good for you for cleaning up your craft area! Isnt that the BEST feeling?


I laughed when I read your post! I get my best crafting time in when the rest of the house is sleeping too. And the ideas... they always come at night when I'm supposed to be going to sleep. Nice pillow case - something simple and nice to make your little guy happy.

Cole Bronn

Darling. You are so right...when there is a clean counter in my kitchen I cook better meals!!!!


What an inspirational crafting story! Isn't it a wonderful sense of instant gratification when you can think of something you want to make and have it done in an hour. Awesome! And it looks terrific too.


*sigh* Can I just ask - is your sewing space ever tidy during production? I am so not Martha. I love the raggedy Andy and the pillow too. Nice work! Let's Kidspot soon. . .I'm actually going tomorrow if'n you wanna join me.


my boys would have definitively chosen the same fabric!!

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