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Thanks Shannon! I was loving reading the entry when I stumbled upon my name. *blush* Anyway, it made me giggle - I used to log on to Broderbund back in the day of BBSs! But my favorite one was SFNet. Most people look at me queerly when I talk about "before the internet." It's almost as if it's B.C. in a way. Okay, not really. But I'm guessing you can probably relate to some extent if you came from that world. The pics on this entry are great. And thank you for the cracking the whip. I joined in on FWYH.

Junie Moon

I've enjoyed your photos today--your husband did a nice job with them.

I'm hoping Turkey Feather's "Finish What You Have" project helps me, too. I have begun with one backlogged project that I'm posting about tomorrow. Let's hope we get through our stashed piles.


I'm doing the "Finish what you have" thing as well. It saves me from having to come up with something original at the moment.


What a beautiful garden. Borderbund must have been a wonderful place to work.


Did you know Marylyn Rosenblum form BB? My husband and hers are friends. I'm coming up to the quilted angel tomorrow...

Yvonne Fjellvang

Hi - wonderful blog. I´ll be back for more inspiration. Great pictures - I would have loved to have a garden like thatt..

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