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Funny, I always got those lifesaver books too. And I remember looking at the fruit and nuts in the stocking thinking "oh, filler."


yep we got life saver book when I was a kid too. I only liked one or two flavors so my sister ate the rest.
I always like January because I like indoor winter activities like knitting, and playing game. This is what I think the holidays are about anyway NOT all the idiotic shopping. I love giving gifts and never want to wait until the holidays to give them.


Ahhh...the lifesaver book and toothbrush! What do you think they were trying to tell us? I remember "Flicks" chocolates..too funny! I love the nylon hose stocking - it would really stretch and the fact that you could see through it would be a hoot! (Maybe I'll try it out on my kids one of these years!) I miss the oranges, nuts and 'filler' of yesteryear!

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