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Log Cabin, it never dates and always loks gorgeous made up. My gosh you certainly did well with your fabric shopping.


I joined our local quilt guild this month too. I really think it will be the inspiration I need to actually make a couple of quilts this year. I love your log cabin pattern.


What a fun journey you will have on your quilt quest. I want to make a full-size quilt for us and have slated it for later in the year (after my home organization project). I ought to follow your cue and join the local quilt guild in order to learn more.


Oh I love K Fassett's shot cotton. I bought some at Sunflower too. I think a log cabin is a great way to start. My first quilt was a log cabin back in the 80's haha. I can't wait to see it.


Way to go joining a guild! I always intend on starting a real quilt, but I always end up slightly or way far away from what the original was. Can't wait to see what you wrangle up.


I love being in a guild! I learned so much, so fast. Quilting is addicting. I LOVE your table runner.......That is what I'm making next!
Love your blog!


I imagine you'll learn lots from the other members of the quilt guild. Your quilt project looks fabulous and it will be fun to see how it progresses.


I love that quilt too!

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