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What a cute puppy shirt and I love that it is representative of his new yellow Lab.

That fabric is so pretty. The "cottage in the woods" detail is adorable.

Yvonne Fjellvang

If I were a little boy with a puppy I would have love the t-shirt... I do anyway. Love your site.


I love Liberty Fabric! There is one store in Richmond, VA that sells it and they all think I'm loony the way I always go over and pet it but can't bring myself to buy any. How could I ever cut it? Can't wait to see what you do with your piece.


Very cute t-shirt. What a great and simple way to personalize a present!


Adorable woodsy fabric! And that puppy shirt is so cute :)


That shirt is adorable! Cutting for quilts, especially a log cabin one is one of my least favorite tasks. I've been trying to be more careful about cutting and making sure I actually cut enough. lately it seems that I will be almost done with the quilt and have to go back and cut more. Not fun!


very nice shirt.


Ooh, I love Liberty Fabrics. I once owned a reversible dress, one side black and the other a floral, of washable sueded silk. I traipsed around Europe for months in it. This is my sweet memory of Liberty Fabrics. Lucky girl, you!


You are oh so cleaver. Great shirt, luck boy! and I'm glad you made it to Liberty. I tried but time ran out.
I love the woodland scene...what else did you get?


I love that t-shirt, he'll love it!

Isn't Liberty fabric divine? I used to spend hours looking through it and then walking out with nothing because i couldn't decide. Last time I went I bought 3 1/2 metres & they're still in a bag in the closet. Perhaps I'll drag them out & just gaze. sigh You made a great choice!


That Puppy Shirt is so cute. I'm sure your friend will love it and it will become a favourite. New Lab puppies are wonderful.


Love the puppy shirt.

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