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i do hope you feel better soon! happy valentine's day!


How cute! What a lucky swap buddy you are!
I hope you're feeling better soon and Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^


Felicia is awesome. Those coasters are great and I love the plushie owl!
Hope you feel better soon.


I'm so glad you liked the package. I'll send positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. And I enjoyed your poem :) Happy V Day!


I hope you're feeling much better very soon! I popped over to the link to see the coasters, they are adorable! What great timing for their arrival so as to give you something cheerful while you're sick.

Yvonne Fjellvang

I hope you are getting better. Being sick is no fun!!


Sorry you're feeling so under the weather. Have just discovered your blog...I've tagged you. Hope you've not been tagged a short time ago...

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