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What cute cards and I'm so tickled for you that you got this little printer. Happy birthday to you!

I've been reading about the Gocco for about the same amount of time that you mentioned. I need to check out the resources you mentioned as I'd like to know if I can print something on t-shirts with them.


Yay, for you, how fun! Love the cards :)


ha ha! awesome! it's SO Fun! your cards look great.


those are so lovely!!!!! wonderful job! :)


Ohh man, I want one of those. In my house I think that could be considered a gift for both of us. Perhaps a wedding gift to us, from us?


Awesome gift! I have always wanted one.


What a great early b'day pressy from the DH... I love your first prints, too cute and very professional..


Love the Gocco, I think I need one, my birthday is coming soon...Thanks for sharing, love the cards!

Yvonne Fjellvang

I want one - I want one. Hmm how to get it into the house without the husband knowing... I have trouble already with all my stashes.


OMG! I 'm so jealous! I want one too, but like you just couldn't justify spending the money... yet. Maybe someday :) So Lauren will be at baz biz with me, and she's been printing on fabric with her goco, so when you come by to say hi, I'll introduce you two :)


Super cute and boy oh boy do I feel the yearning for one of those coming back. Like you I have managed to talk myself out of it a few times....but that can only last so long. They look fantastic. Tell me was it easy to know what to do? Or was there quite a bit of trial and error? I just can't seem to get my head around how it actually works!

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