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i LOVE these! you did a FABULOUS job! if you have enough, maybe we can swap even though we're not in the same group? i think i'm going to have to reprint anyway.


these notecards are amazing! your shop looks great, too! :)


Oh, they are lovely - essence of summer I'd say.


What beautiful notecards! What a lucky person to receive these.


I love your cards and think it's a wonderful way to honor your family trip. And congratulations on your Etsy shop; I know you'll do great.

Jenn : )

I think you did a wonderful job with your cards! They look great and I love the color!!

Congrats on opening up shop!

Wishing you many sales and lots of fun. : )


oh gasp. these are good. so good. thank you, thank you for sharing some with me!


Love these notecards! Congrats on the shop ;-)


Gorgeous cards! Congrats on the shop - I'm sure you'll do well :)


Gorgeous cards! Congrats on the shop - I'm sure you'll do well :)


I love the cards, a very cool design, (both of them :) Also, congrats on opening your shop!! Its really cute. My goal this Summer was to open an etsy shop too, but I got so bogged down in having the right name, the right look and banner. I was making all the details such a big deal it took the fun out of it so I put it on the back burner for now. I wish you great luck with yours, you are off to a great start!


I received my cards on Friday and they are beautiful and so my cup of tea. I have a linocut print triptych that I have been working on with fairground rides; chair-o-planes, ferris wheel and carousel. Thankyou so much.


This is great! Good luck with the shop. I LOVE your cards.


Love the notecards! I've been really wanting to invest in a gocco dealio, maybe christmas. Congrats on opening your shop! It's very exciting! Good luck!

Dana Summers

Hi, I checked out your shop. You have really great things. Can't wait to see what you list next. I hearted your shop so that I can keep up with it.


Those cards are awesome! You're so lucky to have a gocco!

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