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wow! what a fun party! i know he loved it!


Wow - that looks like a ton of work, but I know my 4 year-old would have loved every bit of it! :o) Great job, Mom!


Wow what a cake! I bet he loved that!


what a fun party! I love all the decorations and special touches you made :)

Mary Ellen Barrett

You have a very lucky (and cute) little guy there.

My five year old boy looked at these pictures and declared the whole thing super cool. He wants to have his birthday party at your house! To spare you I will just steal all of your wonderful, creative ideas.

Thanks for sharing.


OKay, that might be the most awesome kid's party ever. That cake is unbelievable! And his crown is too sweet.
It is funny, when I was reading this in my reader I thought the first line said, "My little guy turned 41!" And I was like, "Wow. This lady is really excited."


Curly Finds. Haha, I taught preschool and I can totally imagine that. I want that cake and at my next birthday! :-)

Jen Savage Luu

Happy 4th Birthday! Four was kind of the "big kid" turning point for us. *sniff* No more baby.


Awesome cake! My hubby usually makes the cake and at our house it would be princess castles, he will love yours!

Marianne Burley

When my son saw your cake he loved it! He has to have a trophy on his too. He said, "Yay, I'll get my 1st trophy!" You threw a great party, thanks for all the good ideas! :)

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