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i remember going there as a kid! fun stuff.


I will take a deep breath and pretend that I am breathing in that fresh crisp air. Love the nature photos!


I love Muir woods. Actually I love any woods were redwoods are present. I've never felt more spiritual than in a redwood forest. Beautiful photos.


Muir Woods is an awesome place and I recommend it to everyone who's going anywhere near that area. It's so peaceful there (I must have been lucky in the day I went as it was very quiet and not a lot of people). As a birdwatcher, I was surprised to find only a few warblers. Then I realized that the woods don't have very many insects (hence food for birds) due to the type of trees. Anyway, it was a beautiful experience being there.


he looks like he's having a ball! this would definitely be a place i'd love to go. it's beautiful! pretty lucky to have it so close.

London Mummy

Wow, what a majestic looking place - stunning.

Doris at threads of conversation

Oh wow, I wish this was close to my house! Iowa does have it's natural beauty...but not this...


Wow wee! Those trees are stunning.

Julie Pishny

Thank you for posting your photos of Muir Woods, one of my favorite places on earth. So magical - great photos!!! I'm adding your blog to my favorites!

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