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Jen Savage Luu

It is beautiful!


HOO-RAH!!! it's a beauty! you should be proud of a job well done. and it's shouldn't take months to get it long arm quilted. We should talk. I could do it in less then a week and I know a place in Nebraska that will take a could of weeks.


This quilt is beautiful! I dont know why but I have a hard time with this pattern. My "logs" are always cattie-wumpus.

It seems that you are a bit disappointment with the quilting. I hope this isnt the case.


This is gorgeous! The hard work and time that you put into this definitely shines through! I've always wanted to try to make a courthouse steps version like this. You've definitely inspired me :)


So pretty!
And you should just find someone else to do your longarm quilting. It really shouldn't take months.

jacquie i've never sent out a quilt. i really like the use of solids in this...they're so neglected sometimes, but you made them shine!


THis quilt is beautiful. You should be proud of yourself.


I really want to send some quilt tops out to a professional-- but I'm afraid they'll laugh at my self-taught quilting skills. I know they are decent but still. Your quilt looks great.

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